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Warm up for Winter: Nordic Hideaway

Bazaar Group Ltd.

25 Sep 2018

With long dark nights and bone-chilling weather, nesting and the desire for warmth will drive a new interior look and way of living according to British furniture brand Icon.
Trend analyst and lead designer at Icon, Allison Chatten, believes the home can be turned into a place of warmth and restoration using cosy textures and lighter colours, as consumers look for an escape from the outside world.
Said Allison: “In our hectic modern world, leaving for work and returning in the dark can be a draining experience, so the desire to create restorative spaces is stronger than ever.
“Natural light and hints of nature such as wood, combined with lighter colours, create a bright and calming atmosphere. Pair with thick tactile textures such as warming faux fur and raw woven fabrics to create depth and cosiness to the look.”
Icon’s ‘Nordic Hideaway’ collection embodies this ‘new rustic’, cosy way of life using texture such as opulent faux fur, soft cord and luxury velvet to create a sensory response.

The giant two-seater beanbags, available in snow white Yeti Faux Mongolian Fur, Ottowa mink or jumbo cord have been designed to engulf the user in a warming hug, providing oversized comfort or the chance to snuggle up with a loved one.
Opulent faux fur throws are great for adding layers and can also be wrapped around yourself on a chilly winter’s night.
This Nordic Hideaway cosy collection is complemented by Icon’s retro ‘70s Soul Collection and the sophisticated Dolce Vita Collection with textures of plush velvet, faux fur and jumbo cord in an array of earthen tones.
Interior advice from Allison for Winter:

If you want to make your home feel warmer for winter, combine lighter colours with deep teals, bold ochres and dark greys.
When choosing furniture, smaller simple pieces that engulf you in comfort rather than large, bulkier items can create a calm informal mood without taking up too much space.
When winter is getting you down, remember soft, tactile textures such as faux fur are a perfect antidote to bleaker weather.
Throws are ideal for both layering a room and also wrapping around yourself during a cold winter’s evening.
If you’re struggling for space, look for multi-use pieces such as soft stools which can be used as seats, footrests and even side-tables.

– ends –
Notes for editors: Allison Chatten is available for interviews and expert advice. She is one of Britain’s leading furniture designers, with more than 15 years’ experience in trend prediction and analysis and furniture design.
Icon is part of the Bazaar Group, a leading soft furnishing manufacturer based in Northumberland. Its brands also include, Leda, Eden Learning Spaces and Bambeano and are available to purchase at   

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